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Google Glass – efulfilment and the forklift driver.

OK Glass…. can’t really see me (or hear me) saying that. Well not until they make the lenses available through Lenses Express and can cope with my astigmatism (I’m so proud of being astigmatic). Google Glass is one of those things that you know will make you look like a…. fill in your on rude term.

But hang on… it might actually be pretty useful in the workplace… for instance it could help you find the scissors, or maybe the stapler (subject to them being RFID tagged of course).

And then again it might help you find your picking list if you’re a forklift operator in a warehouse doing e-fulfilment. I’m indebted to my son and now supply chain student Stewart Ogilvie who pointed us in the direction of a YouTube video that shows how Google Glass could be applied to warehouses and e-fulfilment.

The strength in the solution is that Google Glass removes the need for a handheld – a big improvement if you are a forklift driver in a warehouse who needs to keep both hands on the wheel. The video shows barcode scanning and location-ing  to ensure that the picking goes quickly and smoothly. Here is the video – click here.

For a while we have seen ourselves as part of the supply chain rather than a simple ecommerce developer. Seller Dynamics is an essential part of a retailers operation and we know we have to think differently. Seller Dynamics allows integration with third parties via our API and we are hoping that one of our clients will want to strap on the Google Glass especially if they are selling hundreds of thousands of SKUs across Amazon, ebay, Play and FNAC.