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Microsoft join ebay USA – the evolution of ebay continues

If you were selling Microsoft kit on ebay in the USA your heart might have sank a little when the latest ebay-er to join the platform was announced as Microsoft.

ebay have been repositioning for some time moving away continually from the auction site that they pioneered to a sales channel for retailers of all sizes. With the addition of Microsoft, retailers of all sizes now includes behemoths.

As part of the ecommerce multichannel Seller Dynamics team we have been aware for some time that ebay were keen to build stronger brands into their line up. Unlike Amazon ebay is clearly encouraging its retailers to develop their brands – ok perhaps Microsoft doesn’t need to do that but its a strong signal to others that ebay is supporting your brand. Building a brand within Amazon is a much more challenging activity.

You can check out the Microsoft ebay store here.

Retailers who are not familiar with ebay shouldn’t assume that this is a USA all strategy, Argos and ebay have been building a stronger relationship month by month in the UK for some time now. For us the message is clear if you are not selling on ebay then you really better have a good reason why not.