A potted history on Alex Ogilvie the owner of this blog…

A lego and airfix kit sort of child, who on leaving school went to learn electronic engineering at Napier in Edinburgh; and came out 4 years later still wanting to learn about electronic engineering.  

Became ok at designing analogue electronic controls thanks to an immensely patient boss at Newage Engineers in Stamford (thanks Mike). Joined MSA in Coatbridge for a short time, and then formed my first business by “contracting”  at Barr & Stroud. Developed various digital & microprocessor boards, and steadily got more involved in software development to control things.

Moved onto Ferranti for a while. And then onto NCR – where I did the software engineering thing. I learned a huge amount about software engineering and software quality from the NCR guys – always grateful for that and to the folks I had the real pleasure of working with.

Set up Strategic Software Solutions in 93 and in 95 it started to flourish as we developed software for NCR ATM machines around the planet. Lots of fun that. Sold SSS at the dot com height to TRM in the States to allow the development of an internet ecommerce idea we’d prototyped for ATMs. Great fun with our CEO (hope you’re well Shami) and our NCR team of supporters – I’ve never laughed so much doing business.

Set up Objective Associates in 2002, which offerred automated banking development expertise and software engineering.

And invested in Lonelypixel (legal software guys) in 2003 who were acquired in 2006 by their main client, when they were on a growth spurt and needed more hands on deck.

I started to move Objective Associates into the web sphere by initially introducing the Web Wise Business brand in 2006, this helped seperate us from our software engineering tag, allowing us to differentiate the marketing activities, without causing any confusion.

Then using our previoulsy acquired .Net skills as software engineers, we began delivering increasingly complex back end online systems. Those systems now, typically, being hosted on Amazon’s (truly fantastic) AWS cloud.

When we developed a number of retail/ecommerce sites we saw the opportunity afforded by the big marketplaces, such as Amazon. Seeing the potential to help retailers sell more, and sell more profitably, we created Seller Dynamics – marketplace management software – allowing listings to be distributed and prices managed across markets such as amazon.anywhere, ebay.theplanet, FNAC, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Tesco etc, etc.

In addition to Seller Dynamics, we are a leading developer of ASP.NET B2B systems, with significsnt AWS expertise. All thanks to a little clever complimentary branding exercise a few years back when we shifted away from automated banking. And of course we are still using our old heads to deliver our original skillset – even software engineering in the embedded world.

Our Seller Dynamics, SaaS, system is used by sales hungry retailers selling around the globe and we continue to offer software development services to businesses looking for robust B2B systems.

Disclaimer: The Blog is maintained by Alex Ogilvie MD with software development company Objective Associates Limited based in Stirling, Scotland. The views are personal and should not be assumed to be the views of Objective Associates Limited. Objective Associates Ltd are Software Developers and offer Seller Dynamics to retailers hungry for more profitable sales.

All spelling and grammatical mistakes are deliberate.


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