Amazon.com brings Captain America to John O’Groats

At the end of the long Easter Weekend I was completely relaxed and chilled and then as if to remind me it was a school night again the BBC stuck on an hour long documentary on Amazon (the online department store not the river). You can catch up here if you are quick: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/whats-on/tv/episode-three-amazons-retail-revolution .

Being part of the ecommerce world how could I possibly head to bed – even though I hit record on Sky+ – and even though I could have watched it on catch-up later in the week – and even though I could have watched it on the iPlayer later – and even though… you get the idea.

So what did I learn – well I learned that Jeff Bezos has an annoying laugh apparently and that as a way to demonstrate frugality he started the business by making the desks out of (hopefully) disused doors.

Everything else was pretty much expected – though Captain America walking into a bar in John O’Groats was a surpise, if perhaps not as uncommon as you would think given the non-reaction of the barman.

In an hour Sandy Toksvig’s voiceover didn’t have enough time to go into everything in as much detail as I’d have liked – especially the bit involving third party sellers. That could fill an hour all by itself. The two third party gentlemen explained they could buy stuff at the local supermarket and then sell it for more on Amazon – that seemed a little of an oversimplication but it must have caught the interest of a few retail entrepeneurs out there. Completely missing was the aspect of Amazon being a dynamic price environment thanks to amazon repricing software and that seemed a pity – it’s an area that OU business students would find fascinating I’m sure.

Catch up on the iPlayer when you can – I recorded it for some reason.





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