Catherine Wheels never worked and the Jumping Jacks were rubbish

It’s been pretty hard over the past few weeks to leave Aldi or Tesco without noticing the explosive hazard at the exit… is that the best place to put fireworks? I’ve not been allowed to buy Fireworks since Mrs O objected to me tying six rockets to the whirly gig to see what would happen – to save you the bother… the plastic rope melts and you don’t get spoken to for three days.

To satisfy my need to be a pagan at this time of year I went along to the Bridge of Allan Roundtable Fireworks display – Bonfire Night is one of those convenient dates in the diary that although having something to do with Parliament, Stuart Kings and Religion it’s really all about setting fire to things in the dark. As a kid we got our Fireworks from the local newsagent – Archie Neilsons. The box of Astra Fireworks had a random selection of eagerly awaited worlds of excitement which always disapointed with one exception. The Catherine Wheel never whirled, the Jumping Jack banged around on the ground for a bit and the Volcano never seemed to release enough lava. But the Helicopter! Brilliant! A firework with a cardboard wing attached – light it on the ground and watch it begin to spin until it leaves the ground and flies……. in any direction it chose to. Brilliant – exciting and potentially lethal. And then one year you stopped getting them as part of the Firework box set – I can’t think why.

The Round Table folks at Bridge of Allan didn’t manage to get a hold of any of the unpredictable explosive Helicopters from Archie Neilson – but thats health and safety for you. Here’s a picture of what real fireworks look like… ps all the money they raised will go to local charities (nice one).

Bridge of Allan Fireworks

Bridge of Allan Fireworks


1 Response to “Catherine Wheels never worked and the Jumping Jacks were rubbish”

  1. November 8, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Oh thank you Alex for making me smile!! Your poor wife … I would have tied YOU to the whirly gig!!

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