Watch as the high street becomes a pick up point

I’m not in Jewellers often – they seem to have a rather troubling impact on my Credit Card balance, but this week I went Watch shopping. I’d done the internet thing first…. found the corporate site for the brand in question, looked through all the small objects of desire, decided on the model and then went browsing online to find out the  price.

Hmmm… no competition on price, so clearly the brand had set some pretty strict guidelines with respect to RRP (is that still legal?). As a further check on pricing I had a wander around the local shopping centre, yes I know proper shopping. But surprisingly none of the Jewelllers had the desired brand in the window, even those who sold it online weren’t stocking it.

Thankfully I didn’t need to go into each Jewellers to find out – all had their goods beautifully displayed in the window. So that saved a bit of hassle – but also ensured that the retailer didn’t get a chance to sell me. Only one Jewellers didn’t have a big enough window to display their wares so I had to go in… drat.

“Can I help?”, asked the assistant as I tried to run out the shop having realised they didn’t stock the brand in question. Caught! Double drat.

So could he help? Well yes he could. He didn’t know if they stocked the brand of watch but he could find out by first getting out a laptop that he couldn’t log into and then getting out a tablet that eventually did allow him internet access. Yeeeeeeeee….No, we don’t carry that.

So… today’s lesson? Well fast forward a couple of years and I reckon the high street experience will be more like an assisted online browsing experience with a pick up point in the corner for stuff you’ve ordered online. It was simply too easy to buy the desired watch online – infinite choice, detailed product info, price check and free delivery.

The retailers who address this likliehood now should do well – we can help with Seller Dynamics of course (available online only).





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