It’s not all gloom in retail – get your anorak on

Grim times on the high street. Shop closures and major retailer collapses being the norm. Though in contrast the busking on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street seems to be a bit better than normal (anybody else seen that young guy with his older mates doing the Amy Winehouse covers?).  But it’s not all empty shop fronts and loose change in a bucket. Take the guys at Trespass…

The Business Insider has named the Khushi brothers as leaders of the year in Scotland for the success in building their Trespass outdoor clothing chain. It’s a highly encouraging story against a climate that is rather cold and damp for retailers. Maybe anoraks are the best way to beat cold, damp recessions?

As a bunch of techy anoraks specialising in .net software development we have our own way to help retailers who are needing to sort out a path to growth. We offer Seller Dynamics an online sales service that lets retailers sell on multiple marketplaces from a single point – thats Amazon, Play, FNAC, eBay etc. With the online sales world growing at double digit growth it’s important for retailers to use systems that manage price and stock automatically – hence Seller Dynamics. So if you’re in retail and need an anorak to help you get through the recession have a look at our marketplace management service.

Anorak on, Amy Winehouse songbook in hand, wheres the Britains Got Talent auditions?


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