Young free and no IT qualification? Check out the top Scottish Leaders for inspiration!

The latest Business Insider magazine dropped through the door the other day and feeling in a “what else could I do rather than work” mood – I decided to have a read, a cup of tea and a Custard Cream.

The article which caught my eye and made me go get another Custard Cream was the article on the lack of young IT qualified folks. We’re .net software developers based in Scotland so we are acutely aware of the need for Custard Creams when reading about the lack of IT qualified folks.

To summarise… young folks aren’t studying technical subjects and instead are opting for careers in financial services and medicine instead (says Polly Purvis of ScotlandIS).

Back in the day when we had a millenium bug it seemed that there was a good stream of eager computer graduates coming out of uni but now I’m not so sure. I think it all changed in the period 2000 to 2002 when the tech investment bubble had well and truly burst and the remaining stain couldn’t be cleaned off the keyboard whatever you tried. Technology was out of favour big time… but financial services, they still boomed.

So whats a young skint student to do? Go where the money is of course – financial services. Ten years on and now the financial bubble has burst – though this time the remaining stain is being slowly jet washed down with a good dose of QE I, II and III. So what’s a young skint student to do?

Well in most cases it’s apply for any job under the sun in the hope you get lucky regardless of what you’ve studied. Not the best thing to do – though understandable.

It may well be too late for the recent graduates who through no fault of their own can’t get the career started but what about the next bunch of spotty school leavers, what should they do? Well they could turn to the Scottish Leaders table in the same issue of the Business Insider magazine to see whats hot. And guess what? Engineering is hot!

The 4 of the top 5 leaders in Scotland are all running businesses with a heavy engineering/technology/manufacturing interest – how odd! John Wood Group (Oil and Gas Services), The Weir Group (Engineering), SSE (Power), Clyde Blowers Capital (Manufacturing investors). School leavers might want to have a look through the top 100 leaders list to reasses what they should be studying in the future.

OK, advice given, time for another Custard Cream.


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