French online growth greater than UK

The UK has long been seen as the leading country in Europe when it comes to internet adoption and ecommerce generally. However, research is showing that France is set to overtake the UK by value in the near future. Growth over the past few years in the UK for online retail works out at 18% – a healthy growth rate by any measure. Compare that to the growth in France over the same period and you find that it’s enjoying an eye popping 26%. Admittedly thats from a lower base but by 2016 French online retail is expected to be $149.2 Billion versus $114.2 Billion for the UK.

We like to keep an eye on things like that as we need to ensure that our Seller Dynamics users get access to the best markets when selling their goods. For retailers who want to sell beyond UK borders we offer a solution to let them sell across multiple marketplaces and multiple territories from a single point – that’s why we’ve added Fnac.com to the marketplaces we support. Those who visit France regularly will recognise Fnac from their high street shopping expeditions but may be unaware that Fnac.com works like Amazon, i.e it lets third party retailers sell on their portal.


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