A free plug (in) for Scottish Technology

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the need to encourage engineers, notably The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering and it’s £1mn cash prize. Unusually for prizes and competitions these days its not something that involves a 12 week, 360 degree TV series, with 4 celebs pouring scorn on the hopefuls (many of whom seem in need of a self awareness pill).

Instead the competition will have a properly talented judging panel. Unveiled last week the panel features our favourite Physicist of the now Brian Cox – thats him who gets to travel the world and look up in wonder at the sky in order to explain what it’s like on the various moons of Jupiter (I’m betting unpleasant with a distinct lack of decent TV reception). You can check out the other judges here QE Prize Judges – or you could do a quick Google (which would be highly appropriate as one of the judges is indeed from Google).

Sadly, the need for the prize has been driven in an attempt to correct the lack of prestige for engineering in the UK (though the competition is open to all nations). Over the past decade or so it’s been clear that too many clever folks have shunned engineering in favour of the challenges presented in making Mortgage Backed Securities sound like a perfectly sensible investment. Thats a bit of a pity – but lets not cast gloom on the initiative

So how can you get involved? Well you could make a nomination (you can’t nominate yourself, your mum, Aunt Sissy or anyone who has shuffled off this mortal coil). Stuck for a nomination idea? Why not have a look through the latest Scottish University research output – University Technology. UT is a cross Uni bulletin board to promote the latest opportunities.

Why not? Lets face it you voted 12 times for Jedward, and you’ve already forgotten who won last years x-factor.


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