Stirling whisky festival – I’ll need a lift

If like me you stick with the safe options when buying whisky then you might be interested in the Whisky festival planned for next year. The Stirling Whisky Festival, or to give it it’s full name The Spirit of Stirling Whisky Festival, is a welcome addition to the Stirling season and could well help with dragging me away from the normal Whisky purchase  – The Macallan. Nothing wrong with Macallan of course – its rather nice – but when investing in a bottle of malt I tend to stick with what I know for fear of blowing my investment badly.

Occasionally, though I have taken the odd risk. On holiday once with Mrs O and the offsprung we stumbled across Scotland’s most southernly distillery at Bladnoch – Wigtown Bay. I guess I must have been in “I need a drink” mood because I nipped into the gift shop and bought a bottle of The Bladnoch. The lady behind the counter seemed a bit puzzled that I didn’t want a tour of the distillery – and more surprised that I wanted to buy a bottle of whisky from her. Perhaps it was available for a fiver less at the local supermarket – I don’t know as I don’t recall ever seeing a supermarket on that holiday. Equal to her surprise though was my own – I’ve never tasted a whisky which had lemony undertones, it was rather nice. So nice in fact that when taking cover from a rainy squall in the Whisky Shop while visiting Inverary a few years back I asked if they had that whisky from that place in Wigtownshire. Much to my wallets embarressment they did – oh well the credit card came to my aid. 

The other whisky I like is the “e” variety exemplified by Jack Daniels – can’t beat a Jack with Ginger Ale, ice and a slice of lime. Ok, Ok , Ok – I know…. real whisky must be drunk on a mountain top, surrounded by heather while beating yourself with a branch from a Rowan Tree. And never with ice. But as a pre dinner cocktail a Jack and Ginger is a favourite (is it ok to mention cocktails on the same page as whisky?).

Whatever your method of drinking whisky maybe like me you should head along to the Albert Halls for the Stirling Whisky Festival next year. I promise not to bring any ice or mixers – I wouldn’t want to get thrown out for unruly behaviour.

Full info at: http://www.spiritofstirlingwhiskyfestival.co.uk (Drink responsibly and all that sort of thing).

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