Andy Murray and the zen of ambition

Andy Murray and a few things I’ve read recently have made me think in a more philosophical manner than normal. So let me share my zen like moment with you.

With times being hard for all of us – as the recession blissfully ignores the fact that we are not actually technically in a recession – it’s normal for us all to moan about the things we are missing. We might be having mince less, or not drinking the same quality of wine, or perhaps the new car has been pushed back a year, or the pool isn’t being cleaned as often at the Villa on Como – that sort of thing.

However, when things are good we do the exact same – we want the new car now, 2 foreign holidays per year rather than 1, and an infinity pool rather than the finite current one – that sort of thing.

This relative poverty thing is something that can get under your skin and start to really pull you down. We have a tendancy to create holes in our lives which the new car, new house or foreign holiday has to fill – if only income and good fortune were to allow.

Consider then Andy Murray – or more correctly consider the desire by all of us to see him win a Grand Slam. No doubt Andy wants to win a Grand Slam as well – but in his recent press conference he said he “wouldn’t loose sleep over it”. That seemed odd to me at first, maybe he was taking the pressure of himself, maybe he was admitting he couldn’t ever win one. But then maybe he was simply saying exactly what he was saying and what I’ll paraphrase here… “things are good, life is great, I’m playing at the top of the Tennis world and I’m chuffed to bits. I’ll keep working hard and if I get a Slam then that’ll be great”.

Maybe sports psychologists don’t like his body language or his tone during interviews but perhaps his attitude is much more sensible and more mature than we would give him credit for. Maybe he hasn’t allowed and wont allow the lack of a Slam title to create a hole in his life. That seems like a sensible approach to me, so for me the villa on Como is still on the must have list and while I will work toward it I won’t be loosing sleep over it.


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