Put the clocks back every weekend

It’s all a bit predictable – the discussion that comes up every year when t’clocks go back to GMT. How much time and effort is wasted by our political leaders debating this?

Apparently sentiment is shifting in favour of not putting t’clock back in Scotchland – I have no idea where they measure this sentiment. I’ve never been asked – so I have no idea how they do this.

But rather than the double summertime debate that is coming up I have a better idea. I’ve came up with my revolutionary idea because I personally can’t get my head around double summer time – after several years won’t we end up with the day being replaced by night? A sort of perma Ibiza time?

So rather than double summertime I have a much better idea. My much better idea is this…

Every weekday the day is stretched by 12 minutes – this is easily achieved by having a new type of second called the workingweek second. All mobile phones and digital clocks would be controlled by a satellite time signal to achieve this. And then on the first day of the weekend the clocks are put back by 1 hour to correct the fact we have time slipped by a full 1 hour over the week. The result is we all get an extra hour at the weekend when we want it most.

At the start of the next week the workingweek second gets reactivated and we repeat it week in week out.

This is of course genius. So I have already dashed of a Patent to the UK Patents Office and trademarked the term “workingweek second”. I have also written to several MPs and MSPs encouraging them to raise a bill to support my “timeslip” idea and to ensure that in the future they can use the extra 12 minutes I am giving them on a daily basis debating things that we really shouldn’t be bothered with. Genius, an extra hour every weekend, now that is something really worth debating.

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