A major trip in an original mini

There is something rather special about the original Mini – I love the way that it wears it’s welds on the outside and the slidey windows that never considered for a moment that someone could easily break in to steal your Beatles LP just purchased at a trendy “Music Boutique”.

I was reminded of the Sir Alec Issigonis masterpiece last week when we sponsored Geoff Marr on his John O’Groats to Lands End trip – all done in his classic 1967 Mini Cooper S. (That was the sporty one). We part sponsored the journey under our pension advice banner of NowRetirement.Com. You can do the same I’m sure if you run past his site www.minijogle.co.uk – it’s a cancer research funds raiser.

The striking thing about the original Mini is just how small it is – how much a perfect piece of engineering it truly was. Sitting next to the modern day mini it looks more like a toy than a proper car. My aunt had a green one in the 60’s (she was very trendy) – and she regularly managed to get 4 kids in the back as well as two grown ups and another kid in the front – how was that possible? You couldn’t really do that in the modern day mini – though not least because you’d get pulled over and arrested.

I had a quick Google to see what the original price of the ’67 Mini Cooper S was likely to be… £778 according to one site. I’m sure that was a huge amount of money then – but it seems like a lifetime away…. well I suppose it almost is. Geoff’s mini didn’t quite make the trip without a few “incidents” – catching fire and calling out the local Fire Brigade being the main one. But I guess for a 43 year old original you can expect the odd emergency.

43 year old and still going strong (or close to strong) – quite a design. I just wonder if the next BMW Mini could maybe have it’s welds on the outside – of course not – current automative safety legislation simply wouldn’t allow it.


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