Wimbledon versus Flushing Meadows – simply not British

Tennis used to exist only for a fortnight every summer not so long ago. Wimbledon was “it” if you wanted to watch Tennis – there was some vague awareness of other places where people played tennis, but lets face it – who cared.

But thanks to Andy Murray and the blessed Saint Murdoch it now seems there is a reason to watch tennis more than once a year and you can watch it as much as you like. Well, that is if you pay for the SKY Sports Channels, and as long as the tennis isn’t on channel 403 (which for some reason breaks up on my telly). So good, now we can see how the rest of the world does the tennis thing… hmmm… what a dreadfully uncivilised bunch.

The US Open has been thoroughly entertaining – pity Andy Murray seemed to loose his karma – but I’m sure he’ll be back for the next tourni with a new attitude. But yeah – the US Open, how odd.

Theres been a fight on the terraces, they walk about when a game is about to start, rubbish blows across the court, the crowd talk during the game (see my Rod Stewart blog for more on that sort of thing) and the corporate entertainment boxes guffaw with laughter when a player is about to serve as in Zvonareva (scrabble score 27) v Wozniacki (scrabble score 29).

Wimbledon has some great traditions – a royal box for instance that now has an electric canopy above it… isn’t the British Class system absolutely marvellous. And whites only at Wimbledon – that’s the sports clothing allowed – not the colour of your legs. Wonderful. Compare that to Venus Williams at the US Open who came out dressed in a reddy purpley sparkly frock which she spent most of the game stretching back down to cover her backside. I’m guessing she was heading out to a club straight after the game.

And then there is the cheering, not so long ago Wimbledon was pretty tame – the occasional polite “c’mon Tim”. Nowadays it’s “your not singing any more” coming from the Kop end at Flushing Meadows.

And its not just the crowd – have you seen the coaching team for Wawrinka (scrabble score 19) – they look like roadies for Iggy Pop – no wonder Murray (scrabble score 12) lost his Karma against the Swiss Number 2 – those guys look scary. Are they really tennis coaches – maybe Andy should sign up some Warhammer guys of his own, or add a few z’s and k’s to his name so he doesn’t give the game away that he’s Scottish and used to watching his fitba’ team get skelped everytime they step onto a park (and his Scrabble score will be higher).


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