Facebook advertising versus Pearl and Dean

I went to see The Ghost Writer the other day with Mrs O – Saturday afternoon in actual fact, in order that we could be back in time for Dr Who and Britains Got Talent. Yes, culture and the arts are high up the agenda in the O household.

It’s been a wee while since I’ve been at the pickchurs. Things have changed – a self service ticket machine (NCR would never have built that monstrosity BTW), nobody wearing a black bowtie or tux (The Alanpark in Stirling was very posh in its day) and seats that weren’t covered in hardened chewing gum (or patches).

Arriving on time we were “treated” to fifteen minutes of adverts – some of which seemed to be convinced that I was a drug crazed addict who at any moment might take a stroke. Drugs are bad. Hmmm Ok.

Things might have changed including the adverts but at least the Pearl and Dean tune was the same, all together now…

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah etc

Yesterday it went for a quid. Not the tune – the company Pearl and Dean. A quid – have you tried to buy anything for a quid at the pictures? Popcorn requires a credit check! A quid!

So a quid for Pearl and Dean on the same day that I heard that Yahoo had trebled profits from advertising. Quite the contrast and another example of how the media world and the advertising industry in particular are in a very different place to where they were a few years back.

If you haven’t looked much at online advertising have a look at Facebook. As an advertiser you can target the town, occupation, education level and even marital status of your prey (sorry that should have read prospective client). Facebook – a dream environment for advertisers, and all because we happily disclose all the info they want (size 9).

Compare that Facebook advertising world to the adverts pushed at me and Mrs O about to watch a “grown up” film – to summarise “drugs are bad”… hmmm quite, but what Red Wine would you recommend to me as I’m currently torn on the Chianti front.

Where have all the good cinema adverts gone? I’ve never smoked, but the Benson and Hedges adverts were works of art in their day. And I always did think the Indian Restaurant advert was funny – just 5 minutes from this cinema (genius).

To be honest while the “drugs are bad” adverts were on I checked my email and the latest Tweets on the iPhonic don’t panic device that I feel completely useless without. No wonder Apple are opening up mobile Apps to the advertisers.

But advertising is tough – our attention span is so low that we need to be grabbed by the neck……dum de dum…. sorry drifted off there… what was I saying… oh yeah… attention span.

The attention span thing was exemplified by the trailers for the other great films showing at this cinema – each trailer consisted of perhaps 40 1.5 second clips – just the right length and frequency to induce some sort of seizure in the viewer.

The trailers were painful to watch (they managed to hurt all my senses) – but perfectly structured to appeal to the no attention span generation. In the end all the trailers blended into one, so I can exclusively reveal that all the films currently out feature women in tight clothes, with lips that are clearly bigger than nature intended, blowing up cars using bazookas, while unshaven men jump out of windows and say important things as police car sirens approach.

With that sort of approach to force feeding us adverts and promos it is no wonder that the online advertising world continues to grow. At least if you’re a Facebook user the adverts can be a lot more focussed and relevant.

Ps The Ghost Writer was ok – a proper film – but the dialogue seemed a bit clumsy in places and I missed all the references to other films that are apparently in it (well it is a Polanski after all).

More thoughts on online advertising, Facebook, Google and even Pearl and Dean in the Web Wise Business review video…


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