Cat Food solves the Australian Cane Toad problem

The old woman who swallows a fly eventually dies when she swallows a horse – full poem here – shame, but it goes to show that you shouldn’t willy nilly go about doing the dog eat bigger dog thing.

The Australians made a similar mistake years ago when they wanted to control the Scarab Beetle (as opposed to controlling the Ringo Beatle or the Macca Beatle I suppose).  So how do you control the Scarab Beetle – easy, you simply import an alien predator which will gobble them up. Job done. Next problem please!

And the next problem came along pretty quick as it turned out. You see the Speedo wearing Aussie had imported the Cane Toad from Hawaii which not only tackled the Scarab Beetle but also began tackling the family pets. The Cane Toad secreted poison with such toxicity that  Fido and Fluffy became regular casualties in the war against the Scarab. And worse, the Cane Toads loved the Land Down Under – so they went forth and multiplied…..a lot. They’ve been trying to wipe out the Cane Toad ever since.

Ten pound pom, Mrs O, recounts (regularly) the Cane Toad that killed a neighbours dog by spitting at it. Sheeba was Mrs O’s first ever love, a black mongrel who came across a Cane Toad sitting next to the pool. Sadly Sheeba couldn’t defend itself against the poison – but nor could the toad defend itself from the dog’s owners – who also owned a rifle. 

However, time for some good news for Australian pets and bad news for the Cane Toad – (I can almost sense a Facebook Campaign to save the Cane Toad starting). Professor Rick Shine (struth – theres a name) has discovered that by putting cat food where the Cane Toads are breeding attracts meat eating ants. The ants being as indiscriminate as the Toad not only eat the cat food but also the baby toads – so 75 years after the introduction of the Toad they now have a method of controlling the Toad population explosion.  Whether or not Fluffy is also attracted to the cat food trap isn’t reported in the stories I’ve been reading, hopefully not. And hopefully it wont lead to some ant explosion or strange mutation.

But cat food… that’s the second time it’s surprised me in a couple of weeks. If you’ve seen District 9 you’ll know that the aliens that get marooned on earth are addicted to the stuff for some reason – is there something I’ve been missing about how tasty it is? First Aliens and now Ants – what next?

There was an old lady who swallowed some cat food?

The Cane Toad/ Cat food story:


The District 9/ Cat food story:



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