Green whisky from Islay – the water of life brings power

The Scots drink far more than the rest of the UK per head – shame on us – we really should know better by now. Presumably we also suffer hangovers at a higher per capita rate – so this might also indicate that we either have better hangover cures or perhaps that we’re just plain stupid. It seems we outdrink the English by 25% according to the latest statistics – so I guess we knock back a fifth pint when they nip to the loo.

Apparently you can exceed the weekly male alcohol limit for just £3.50 according to Nicola Sturgeon (source Sunday Times). £3.50? come of it, where can you possibly buy a decent Bordeaux for that…. maybe the subsidised Parliamentary bars…don’t know never been.

However, seems the Scots might be up to something sneaky with all this drinking. The Sunday Times also reports that Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay is to use the waste it produces to generate power – nice one. Convert the waste to methane and power a couple of generators. The waste is converted by an “anaerobic digester” which thanks to the power of Google and Wikipedia means eating something while doing aerobics without oxygen…. or maybe I should buy a bigger encyclopedia.

So nice one – I like that – we might drink 25% more than the English but we can all feel green about it…. thats the world saving green as opposed to the hangover green. The firm involved in the creation of  aerobic digetives is from England – Biowayste – thus proving that they might drink less but they don’t want anything to go to waste…. and I thought the Scots were the mean ones.

Anyway…. let’s raise a glass to the green whisky from Islay in the sure knowledge that we’re lighting and heating the homes of the Western Isles. Slàinte mhath! 

Here is the Bruichladdich Distillery link and remember to drink with care – http://www.drinkaware.co.uk/ – lets face it you wouldn’t want to spill any.


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