Should we let the Police sledge?

Oh gee – brain having problems….don’t know whether to be enraged or to be happy – must fight emotions….must stay in control of feeings…. So why the problem? Well it’s this wee YouTube video that has appeared on the t’internet.

The Polis sledging! Whatever next….they’ll be cycling through pedestrian shopping precints on mountain bikes…. oh are they…. I didn’t know.

It’s hard to watch the video and not smile at the fun of it all and then almost instantly find yourself wincing at the playful misuse of something as threatening as a riot shield. So am I the enraged Tax Payer dashing off a letter of complaint in green biro about Police time and equipment or am I instead a virally infected fan of the improvised skeleton sled.  Yeh your right – I’m a fan.

As you would expect their boss had to issue a statement and say how very, very dissapointed he was with his children – sorry that should have read how very sorry he was that they had got caught – sorry that should have read how very sorry they had been filmed – sorry….ok – you get the idea. For a proper account >> Guardian article.

You can’t help but think that if the Polis got caught a bit more doing stuff like this that we might all start to fix some of the problems that are wrecking havoc in society. Maybe each Polisman should have a Twitter account and have a Facebook page…. “Just booked drunk LOL please RT” . Maybe they could even stream their video cameras pinned on their jackets so we can genuinely follow them around town. Makes you think doesn’t it. Twitter has sort of turned into a moral Policeman – maybe we should tell the boys in blue that we’d like to follow – lets face it that was a pretty cool distance the guy got on the sledge.

The irony of them being caught on film is worth dwelling on for a moment. I like to think I am an honest, law abiding citizen and I suspect you do as well unless your middle name is “fingers” or “knuckles” of course. But I am getting really fed up with being filmed more often than Brad Pitt as I go about my normal business. I don’t like seeing speed cameras, tax disk cameras, number plate cameras, average speed cameras and cctv cameras several times a day – I’m beginning to feel a bit put upon. I know it’s to improve safety and security – but it seems the footage is used primarily as news filler or in documentaries to explain why sober people should avoid town centres after 10:30 at night. I think we need to calm down with video policing – though I do think we should increase the amount of YouTube videos of “Police do the stupidest things”.

As for the Sledging Polis – crack on boys – we need to put the word community back into policing and take the video policing stuff out – doing a bit of sledging can’t be wrong.

PS we need a new Eddie the Eagle so if anyone in the force fancies it and get the time off work to practice – the best of luck.


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