Scottish optimism breaks out as technology leads the way

Sunday morning and even before I had made the espresso I was feeling optimistic – how odd? Had the snow started to melt? Were Mrs O’s lottery numbers published in the paper? Nope – it was the Sunday papers – full (on balance) with good news.

It started on the front page of “The Times” – Scotland is the most affluent part of Britain. Shum Mishtake Surely? Doesn’t feel very affluent – hmm – oh well always good to know there is someone worse of than yourself.

But the inside pages of the Business Section kept the mood going. Scottish Southern and Energy are looking for a wind turbine mananufacture in Scotland – or North of the Border as it said.  SSE would favour Scotch Turbines it seems – with 19,000 possible jobs in the Scottish offshore renewable industry (source oor Eck Salmond) it’s good to see SSE making this sort of declaration – nice one.

But there was more – the Business section also covers new start co Flexiant – set up by a bunch of experienced guys, led by Tony Lucas, it’s business is in the Cloud (thats the computing type not the snow delivery version). So watch out for Flexiscale from the Livingston company.

And there is even good news for MOD supplier Selex Galileo (one time Ferranti) based in Edinburgh – thousands of jobs protected because of the Eurofighter. Good to hear.

It’s unusual to see these ripples of good news. Scotland “the most affluent country in Britain” – tell the world. Lets keep the optimism and the techy good news coming.


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