Stamps – it’s a rock and roll suicide for the Post Office

Having just moved offices and lost the previously pooled mail desk we now find ourselves having to get to grips with the great British Post Office. What a mess. Until recently for us postage costs were simply that – a cost – but now they are an intricate puzzle involving weight, size of envelope and urgency – all ensuring that the real cost is no longer the cost of the stamp but the cost in manpower to figure out how to send an envelope across the country in a red van. 

The Post Office online service looks intriguing and no doubt we’ll give it a bash – for a fiver a month you can gain access to a Post Office online system that lets you print your envelopes complete with Stampage. I’m sure we’re the last to know – but it really didn’t trouble us (this postage thing) until lately.

However, I fear that things are about to get a lot worse for ourselves and others if we don’t opt for the online sytstem – and it’s all Ziggy Stardust and his Postmen from Mars fault. The Post Office are about to introduce a selection of stamps celebrating great Album covers. Thats Album as in 12″, 33 and a third, vinyl variety as opposed to the small boys collecting Polska Stamps in the shape of triangles Stamp Album variety (those were the days – a thrilling experience). 

So why is this bad news? Well you see – how can any self respecting 40 something male – go into the PO – queue up – admire the dog food and Pot Noodle laden shelfs – fondle the jiffy bags – think about buying some selotape or some elastic bands – and then when clearly not in a Rock God state of mind be expected to choose the stamp that best suits their rock and roll life (past or present). 

I mean – do you go for the Ziggy stamp and inadvertantly suggest that you may be hiding below your bald head and Navy business suit some deep latent desire to cross dress. Or do you opt instead to demonstrate your punk affiliation with Joe Strummer and the London Calling stamp – potentially alienating you from the recipient of your envelope who is more into Girls Aloud than music – make no mistake this is a real musical dilema for all of us. Or do you go for Parklife and get beaten up by the Oasis fan behind you – it’s a tough call.

Flaming heck….. it was bad enough with just size, weight & urgency to worry about but now musical integrity has to be born in mind when you are sticking something in the post. This is way too hard. It also perhaps suggests why the PO is in such a mess at the moment. Rather than picking 10 iconic album covers (that I would guess are all male favorites) couldn’t they have spent the time coming up with the “I dont really care if its 60p or 90p to post – just post the flipping thing” stamp. That would probably save us 40 minutes a week in decision making – or put it another way – enough time to listen to Led Zep IV.

Rock Stars on stamps – hmmm – these albums were things to cherish and care for – now they are on stamps – seems wrong in so many ways. Strangely the PO have not opted to use Never Mind The Bollocks or use the banned cover from the little Sex Pistols sing along ditty “God Save The Queen” ….. or would that really be a rock and roll suicide for the Post Office (non Bowie fans can do a google).

However, as the PO continue to disappoint with an overly complicated and increasingly expensive service there is one album cover they could use on their stamps. Paul Rodger’s recently reformed Bad Company (they must be needing a pension boost) – had a rather appropriate album cover for their first release (see below) – or here… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Company_(album) – ps on tour in 2010, I can’t wait – though the tickets are to be posted out to me…….wonder what stamp will get used…. or if I’ll get them. 


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