40 years since we discovered the moon and sent kids to Aus for 10 quid

As we all know (it would be hard to have missed it) it’s been 40 years since the moon was discovered. Before then we thought the Moon was something that was only good for rhyming with… ie

By the light of the silvery moon
I want to spoon
To my honey I’ll croon love’s tune
Honey moon, keep a shining in June
Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams
We’ll be cuddling soon
By the light of the moon

….hmmm not quite Dylan.

However, thanks to Buzz and Neil (able-ly supported by the other guy) we discovered the moon and all it’s mysteries – well enough of it’s mysteries to not bother going back.

Mrs O watched the Moon landing live on t’telly at school – she was in Australia at the time – a ten pound pom. I was in my bed in Scotchland so only saw the coverage on the news the next night. Couldn’t make out a thing to be honest – they could have been anywhere.

40 years eh! And therefore just short of 40 years since I came down with Jaundice. We went on holiday to Aberdeen (a select resort on the North East Coast of Scotland) and I promptly went yellow. 40 years ago so I must have been 8, a very, very yellow 8.

It was the ill-est I have ever been. Well apart from that hangover in ‘84 when I was asked why I looked so off colour on a Wednesday. “I was out on Friday night” came my reply.

Anyway 40 years on from me being yellow it looks like the whole country is about to celebrate my illness by picking up Swine Flu – sorry about that but honestly it’s nothing to do with me.

As Swine Flu continues the stories of stressed out patients not getting the help they want are rising. Back in the 60’s the treatment for being yellow as far as I can remember was to lie on the couch and eat barley sugar sweets. Looks like Swine Flu seems to have much the same cure. Stay at home, be ill, complain, be unreasonable and hope you get through it without having to watch day time TV. (At least we didn’t have daytime TV to contend with in the 60’s).

Doesn’t look like healthcare has moved on much – but nonetheless in 40 years it looks like we have learned a few things – don’t bother going to the Moon and don’t go buying citizens for £10. £10 poms will only complain about the heat, use all the water in the communal tank, set fire to the bush and (when they eventually come home) talk about spiders that bite your private parts when you go to the dunny.

So rather than going to the Moon or Aus lets go to Mars instead – I wonder if there are any spiders there? Hmmm – with some work there could be a good name for a band in that sentence somewhere.


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