Colin Burns demotes Sponge Bob Square Pants in favour of Jamie Oliver

I’ve been a regular at the Scottish Enterprise events “Now is the time to ask”, they have all been of exceptionally high quality so well done to all. Regular readers of this blog (that’s me and Mrs O) will know that I like my events to leave me buzzed and with something to think about – all the Now events have done that. Sadly this evening’s was the last in the series – hopefully more to come once SE regroup.

One of the speakers tonight was Prof Colin Burns. I’ve seen Colin talk before up in Dundee, the coastal Jam centre of Scotchland (the Jam’s made from old copies of the Sunday Post – no extra sugar required). One of the themes that regularly feature in Colin’s thoughts is playfulness – basically the notion that businesses that play around with ideas and try things out and have (I guess) a bit of a spark should do well.

Previously Colin has used Sponge Bob Square Pants as a playful role model but it seems that this has been too playful a metaphor for audiences and tonight Sponge Bob was absent (probably too busy at Bikini Bottom). Instead it’s Sponge Jamie Oliver Pants who takes centre stage – an innovator who looks at things from a different angle – a fresh perspective (Jamie’s School Meals the example).

Jamie (no F words in his cook books – just his last series) Oliver did a pretty decent job of pushing out the junk fast food from the nations School Kitchens – good on him. But hang on – isn’t Sponge Bob employed in a Fast Food outlet under the sea?  So has Colin really ditched the sponge due to healthy eating concerns?

If so it looks like Sponge B will have to look at his product line from a fresh, innovative and less saturated fat angle if he is to get back into Colin’s lecture notes.

From a previous episode…. 

Spongebob Squarepants: We’re not doing so well, Patrick. We need a new tactic.
Patrick Star: I got it! Let’s get naked!
Spongebob Squarepants: No, lets save that for when we’re selling real estate.

Naked Estate Agents – that’s left me with something to think about. Well done Scottish Enterprise.


1 Response to “Colin Burns demotes Sponge Bob Square Pants in favour of Jamie Oliver”

  1. May 21, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Now all Jamie Oliver needs to do is start making swordfish and gun cakes and cooking will be cool with men again!

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