Turn your phone side ways and the world slides off.

The iPhone – a thing of rare beauty.

At some point I will ditch my SPV “phone”. The SPV is a dreadful experience –  using it is a bit like learning to drive facing backwards – do a google for Captain Scarlet SPV if that doesn’t make sense – anyway at some point I’ll ditch my SPV. When I do the world will be mine to control simply by tilting and moving and shaking a phone.

We’ve been working on an APP (a term that softies have been using for years but is now very de rigueur ). ShakerAPP allows you to shake the living daylights out of the person you have called – particularly useful when calling any of our utility providers when you need to pay a bill, ask for a new service or stop an existing one – all you need is the Facebook page of the person you are calling loaded on the phone. You shake as much or as little as you like and the Facebook page gets trashed to the appropriate level.

I’m off to shake things up – what are you doing?

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