Iggy Pop – The man who sold ….. Insurance.

I was a big fan of David Bowie but I never got into his best mate – Iggy Pop. See through plastic trousers were never my thing.

Iggy was so on the edge it hurt your feet just to listen. So not for me. But his edge seems a bit less sharp these days. Iggy now sells insurance! I’ve checked on http://www.fsa.gov.uk but he’s not listed as authorised – should we be concerned.

I wonder what his mate who fell to earth is saying about it. Michael Parkinson seems to have the Sun Insurance gig for now -but I wonder when Ziggy Stardust will take over from Parky and start selling insurance to the “over 65” Spiders from Mars.

Aye – auld age doesn’t come by itself – it now comes with your pop heroes of yesterday (just for one day).


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