A 25 year old Virgin

So Virgin Airlines are 25 – happy birthday.

The promotional advert is a bit of fun and takes you back 25 years when Big Country (God Bless Stuart Adamson) were in the charts and a Wimpey Burger was seen as exotic. Are Wimpey still around?

It seems to be a time to be recalling other Virgin activities. BBC 4 in their Prog Rock series stuck on the TV studio performance from a very young Mike Oldfield – the man who got the Branson Empire finally off to a profitable start (Virgin Music label).

I saw the Mike Oldfield TV programme the first time around as teenager – my memory had conspired to have me believe that the studio performance was created to show Mike O playing all the instruments himself. So when I watched the program it came as a surprise that all the musicians were different people. Over the years I’d combined the reality of what in the recording studio was possible with the actual live TV studio performance.

Of course now if it were done he could have been filmed playing all the instruments such is the capability of software systems and special effects. However, we would have missed out on the few mistakes and the slightly inarticulate playing at times that featured in the set.

As for Richard Branson he’s done pretty well over the years despite his unpromising start – and now if reports are true he’s putting his money to proper good use by supporting Andy Murray (The Jackie Stewart of the Tennis Court).

So the key to success for being an entrepreneur – call your company something controversial (it’s hard to believe but the word Virgin was), knock out a record or two and then buy an airline. Seems simple enough – what are you waiting for – see you in 25 years.


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