Les Paul – how high the moon and how high the genius

I didn’t realise that Les Paul was an inventor until the recent guitar hero programs from the BBC started showing up. But Les Paul is the type of inventor I like. Where most of us would simply see a mic from a phone, a needle from a record player and a plank of wood, instead Les Paul sees an electric guitar.
Frustrated that his audience couldn’t hear his guitar when he amplified his voice he came up with The Log – a primitive but effective guitar made from various items he cannibalised. Although initially turned down by Guitar maker Gibson they came back when others entered the market. The resultant Gibson Les Paul became a design classic.
His inventions go further than the “Les Paul” and when gifted one of the first ever tape recorders from his friend Bing Crosby he saw the potential to use it for over dubbing and for multi track recording. The sounds that were made possible revolutionised the music industry.
Les Paul proves the point that in some cases the passion to invent something for yourself can be enough to overcome all the pre market analysis and business planning justifications. His passion for creating music combined with his inventive and electronic talents gave him the capability to create something revolutionary.  How much would any of us give for that passion or that talent?

You can check out a couple of Les Paul YouTube videos on my profile on the EPIS site – How High the Moon.


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