SAHB Stories – Alex Harvey The Musical

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – one of the first live acts I ever saw – them and The Outlaws and The Who at “Who Put the Boot In” at Parkhead Football Ground (Celtic’s) in the early seventies.

SAHB have been absent from the scene for a long time not least because the leading man passed away a long time ago (sad loss) – I suspect he would be in his 70’s by now (SAHB fans can correct me).

The latest SAHB story has grabbed the reformed band some headlines – though sadly because the venue they were playing in had to be evacuated due to a fire. The story seemed a bit like something that would have featured in Tutti Frutti – the definitive Scottish Rock and Roll road movie (do a google).

The band have had to postpone a couple of gigs due to the lack of useable kit – I hope they are keeping a diary to help write the stage play – sounds like a corker of a follow up to Tutti Frutti. Alex Harvey – the musical – how cool would that be? Alex Harvey would be up for it I’m sure – I’ll drop Hugh and Ted a note.

If you want to lend your support on the topic of  Alex Harvey The Musical then click here.


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