This isn’t just a blog it’s a boring clichéd M&S blog

Well done to all the copy writers in the UK who have reported the problems at Marks and Spencers recently. I’ve lost track of the number of articles that have used the M&S marketing line…

These aren’t just bad sales figures these are M&S bad sales figures
These aren’t just job losses these are M&S job losses
These aren’t just store closures these are M&S store closures

It’s all getting a bit predictable and probably a bit irritating for the management – its not big and its not clever. Though the use of the phrase is probably a source of some delight for the marketing folks that put the original campaign together.

The power of a good marketing slogan…. Makes me think….

We aren’t just a software developer we’re a really good software developer (hmm maybe not as catchy as it sounded in my head a few seconds ago).


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