Jamie Oliver and his no F word cook book

I didn’t watch the last Jamie Oliver crusade on TV. The one where he gets folk to cook and save money or the planet or something.

The reason that I didn’t watch it was because it offended me. The first episode began with what seemed like a torrent of four letter words for no apparent reason. I’m no saint – I swear (I’m sad to say) from time to time – but not while the family are gathered round the TV. Nonetheless I objected to a cooking programme that was being evangelical about the need to eat well without paying any regard to the need to behave well when someone has invited you into their sitting room – albeit via a TV.

It was on after the 9pm UK watershed – but I still objected to the cursing and abuse that was coming out of the man who in his previous series was telling kids how to behave when it came to dinner time. Now he is saying “eat well” but “swear as much as you like, at anytime and anywhere you want”. Inappropriate behaviour – so I changed channel.

I was looking for a cook book present today and picked up his book of the series to check the language in it – nope – not a single four letter obscenity (at least none that I could find).

So when he was proof reading it did he take the four letter words out – or were they never in it in the first place. I suspect the latter.

Why did he think it appropriate to cure us of our bad eating habits while believing it permissible to encourage the use of bad language.

I’ll have the egg and (expletive) chips.


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