Randy Thom – Sound Knowledge Transfer at University of Edinburgh

The projected backdrop behind Randy Thom at his “Sound in the Movies” talk at ACE (School of Arts, Culture and Environment) showed thumbnails of Forrest Gump (“my names Forrest Gump people call me Forrest Gump”), Apocalypse Now (“At first I thought they’d handed me the wrong dossier”), The Incredibles and Polar Express (haven’t seen them). 



His career has seen him secure 14 Oscar nominations and two Academy Awards for sound – so the thumbnails only hinted at the depth of his work (one of the awards was for The Inredibles, he was up against himself that year with Polar Express). See www.imdb.com the Internet Movie Database for more info than I give – Star Wars, Cast Away, Shrek, Harry Potter, Star Wars … endless.


As a software company Objective Associates have more than our fair share of Star War fans and Trekkies so I felt quite guilty at getting a chance to hear Randy run through his favorite soap box items and his tales from Holywood. A great “KT” event from the University of Edinburgh – more Scottish software companies and games co’s should have been there.


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