Mrs Majority – becomes Mrs Early Adopter

The transformation is complete. Mrs O is now an early adopter official – took about 18 months once that first step had been taken on Google Earth but thanks to the BBC, relentless advertising and the inability to program the HDD thingy on the tele Mrs O is an early adopter. Well earlyish.

iPlayer – thats what done it. That and an unhealthy interest in Dr Who. Mrs O now slinks into the wee study – doesn’t shout for help – and watches the programs she wants when she wants in peace. So TV advertsing has finally forced folk away from the telly to …. well the telly I guess. But now the advertising is much cleverer as it’s now online marketing with online profiling all built in…. the world is changing and it will change even quicker now that mums and wifes (aka the decision makers) are using t’internet out of preference rather than from any forced necessity.

But how long before she finds my blog? Want to place a bet?

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