The football cards your dealt – Tommy Burns

The photograph of Tommy Burns that accompanied his obituary triggered an old memory from my primary schools days. The portrait style photo showed the sadly missed man in his Celtic top and it reminded me of the football cards that were collected and swapped back in the sixties (even though that was before he took the field).

In the playground of the sixties you were measured by the number of football cards you had rather than the number of your Bebo/Faceboook/MySpace friends. The cards came with a thin dusty pink brittle piece of chewing gum – or was it vice versa – either way it was the cards you wanted.

“Goat, goat, goat, no goat, goat, no goat, doubler” endless fun…. well maybe not.

The obituary photograph of the hooped man reminded me off the Celtic players that appeared on those cards – the amazing Jimmy Johnstone and the penalty missing (can’t remember the game) Dixie Deans.

At the age of 51 it’s a sad loss to Scottish football. And it’s a sad reminder that life is about using the cards your dealt to your best ability. In Tommy Burns’ case his cards were football cards and he played them well.


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